• Lindsey Garrett

HIE Awareness Month

HIE. Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. Hypoxic: lack of oxygen. Ischemic: restricted blood flow. Encephalopathy: affecting the brain. When we first heard these words six days after Hudson’s birth we were shattered. We heard the “Quality of Life” speech where a doctor (actually a few) told us our son wouldn’t have a good life and neither would we. We left that meeting broken-hearted with the dreams we had for our baby boy taken away. We have learned and grown a lot since that day. We have spent countless days in the hospital, at doctor appointments and therapies. We have a long list of diagnosis such as Cerebral Palsy, Infantile Spasms, Developmentally Delayed, Cortical Visual Impairment and more, but none of these have stopped Hudson from being the happy baby boy that he is. If we’ve learned anything in these last seven months it’s that Hudson never gives up and neither do we. We are constantly advocating for him and being his voice. Mama bear has only came out a hand full of times- maybe two hand fulls. Now those dreams we had for Hudson don’t matter so much anymore. Now we are just so happy he is here with us today. We celebrate each and every inchstone. We love and cherish Hudson, just the way he is. Nothing is “wrong with him”! We will NEVER stop cheering him on and loving him for him. We #CHOOSEHOPE everyday not just in April. Hudson may have HIE, but HIE does NOT have Hudson. Our son is not limited, nor defined by his diagnosis. He is a warrior and loved by many. 

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